Datafile Cloud Portal & eBusiness.

Empower your customers to manage accounts, orders, and payments with our self-service portal, seamlessly integrated with Datafile. Customers enjoy personalized pricing based on your price bands and price matrix.

Datafile ecommerce portal

Online Advantage

Improved Customer Experience and Engagement

Provide your customers with an online self service account, with real-time product availability, customer specific pricing via the Datafile price bands and price matrix, order creation and tracking, account enquiry and invoice payment to enhance their experience with your company.

Real-time Data Synchronization:

A robust integration solution that synchronizes data between Datafile Software and the E-Business Portal in real-time.

Streamlined Order Processing

Automate sales order creation, payment processing, and inventory updates to reduce manual intervention and order processing times.

Enhanced Stock Management

Stock synchronization to maintain accurate stock levels, reducing the risk of overstocking or understocking.


Data Accuracy

Data across both systems remains consistent and up-to-date, reducing errors and discrepancies.

Cost Reduction

Decreases  operational costs by minimizing manual data entry, order errors, and order fulfilment inefficiencies.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Improved order accuracy and transparency will lead to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Operational Efficiency

Automation of manual processes will result in reduced labour costs and increased productivity.

Dockerills Field Sales

Datafile Features Supported

  • Datafile Sales Ledger Account Information
  • Datafile Price Bands
  • Datafile Price Matrix
  • Copy Invoices
  • Statement Printing
  • Payment Of Invoices Online
  • Stock Enquiries
  • Group Account Support With Order Approvals
  • Sales Order History For Web Orders & Orders Placed In Datafile SOP
  • Datafile SQL Replicator
  • Datafile CSV Import and Export
  • *Other Datafile Customs & Modules On Request

Powered By The Portal People

Portal People eCommerce Portals offer complete systems for managing B2B, B2E, and B2C orders and shopping carts.

Our portals are subscription based  meaning all technical maintenance and updating is included.  Everything is taken care of, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Portals offer a flexible platform for creating great online experiences. When integrated with Datafile Software (ERP), our online software ensures smooth access to customer account details, order history, quotes, payments, CRM activities, and online reports. This integration streamlines processes, saves time, improves engagement, ensures data accuracy, and simplifies the entire order-to-fulfillment-to-accounting journey.

Key Portal Features

Below you will see a list of the key feature our solution provides, there are many more amazing features, to find out more please consider booking a discovery call with us.


Customer Accounts

Customers have online visibility to their account details from Datafile, covering company info, invoice history, on-stop status, current balance, outstanding invoices, statements, and order history.



Datafile stock position available online, including, product groups, pricing tiers (1-9), available quantities, documents and images with alternatives, cross-sell and upsell options at the product level.


Pricing Management

Online price matrix driven pricing driven by Datafile's Price Matrix. Customize price bands by account or group, with fixed, percentage, or specific price options, including quantity breakpoints.


Catalogue Management

Products can be of various types: simple, grouped, configurable, bundles, and digital. They can be organised in categories, related to each other as well as have alternatives.


Sales Order Processing (Customers)

Orders can be placed individually, via quick order, bulk order, favorites, or saved baskets, and are seamlessly posted into Datafile SOP for fulfillment.


Sales Order Processing (Employees)

Sales reps can access their customers accounts online as well as customer-specific pricing for seamless order and quote creation, fully integrated with Datafile SOP.


Delivery Management and Tracking

Delivery charges can be calculated using various methods including order value, postcode, weight, volume, product groups and increments.


Advanced Search

Enhanced site search and reporting, see what your customers are searching for and tag products with those search terms to enhance your customers experience.


Output Manager

Effortlessly export documents and reports to PDF or Excel, including emails and system-generated list views.


GDPR Features

Customer account communication dashboard allows toggling of preferences for email, phone, SMS, etc.



Content Management System for custom pages with short code functionality for both web pages and email content.


Marketing Features

Integrate with your marketing platform for example Brevo, leveraging their email tools for your campaigns.

Professional Services

Reliable Support Whenever You Need It

Your eCommerce website is vital to your business, and we ensure it runs smoothly around the clock to maximize your ROI.

Our support services include:

  • Break-Fix: If your website encounters any issues, simply email or call us, and we'll promptly address them.
  • Website Changes: For minor updates, we'll handle them quickly. For larger modifications, we'll provide a detailed quote.
  • New Features: As we enhance our product, new features will be available to you. Some will be automatic, while others may require changes to your website, for which we'll provide a labor quote. The features themselves are free.

Proactive Business Monitoring

Our Data Centre keeps a close watch on all machines in our 'private cloud' and key metrics on all virtual machines. Additionally, we utilize remote technology to monitor these virtual machines separately.

Every five minutes, our independent monitoring setup checks the response of each site. This system, hosted by a different provider than our main host, ensures comprehensive oversight.

Alerts generated by this monitoring system are sent to our support team and the mobile phone of our after-hours technician, allowing us to address issues often before you even notice them.

In Summary

FEATURES Portal People Logo
Cloud Based Software As A Service (SAAS) tick
Integration to Datafile Business and Accounting Software tick
B2B eCommerce tick
B2E Facilities Including Reporting and Quotes tick
Customer Specific Pricing tick
Stock Levels tick
Comprehensive Delivery Price Matrix tick
Multi Company / Multi Site Capable tick
Multi Language Supported tick
B2C eCommerce tick
Google Shopping Feed Supported tick
SEO Capabilities Inc Schema Markup by Default tick
Managed Migrations From Other Systems tick
Customizable Layouts and Order Flow tick
Integrates With Popular 3rd Party Software tick
*API's for 3rd Party Integrations tick
*3rd Party integration subject to specification.

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