Rail Welding Contractors Software

Cloud based rail welders management software for companies that support the UK Rail Network. Operatives work track side with tablets.

Yes – it works in tunnels sends updates when the internet is available again.

NGauge rail Desktop and Tablet

Solution Designed With and For Rail Track Welders

Compliant with ISO Reporting – FORS – Includes Visual KPI Dashboard

Manage Projects

Fast entry and data collation available to all stake holders on premis and remote, operative messaging and live job overview.

Manage Resources

Visual Job and Resource Management By Operative In Endless Calender View, Drill down to job and related documents.

Compliant eDoc’s

Network Rail Compliant Electronic documentation produced from the data input, clear, readable, accurate, stored for reference.

Compliance & KPI’s

ISO Ready, Visual KPI’s based on real time data wherever you are. View in a browser or on a TV. Drill down to the detail.

Rail Engineer

Rail Welders Management Software Solution Built For Businesses That Deliver Track Side Services

  • Job Management
  • Resource Management
  • Timesheet Production and Management
  • Electronic Document Production, Storage and Delivery
  • ISO Compliant Reporting
  • HSE Standards & Compliance
  • FORS Compliance
  • HR Management


Powered by Portal People

Portal People Rail is a software system developed specifically to solve the day to day issues of managing teams working out on the Network Rail infrastructure.

Initially developed for the welding discipline this software can also be used for other teams including but not limited to ground keeping, electrical, plant and cleaning.

Any business that needs to provide timely Network Rail compliant documentation and report on the Key Performance Metrics required demonstrating compliance in all areas including but not limited to shift time, Golden Hour reporting, expenses, task compliance as well as planned times against actual times can gain from the use of this system.

Works managers can prepare jobs, allocate resources which are picked up by the teams on their tablets without the need to travel back to the depot. Job information can be filled in real time from the field and electronic documents sent out on completion to all relevant parties.

No more searching for paper, calling to decipher handwriting, lost paperwork or waiting for teams to come back to the Depot to complete timesheets required to receive payment.

Your business, teams, and client up to date on time all the time.

In the event, historic documents are required these can be searched and retrieved directly from the system.

Rail Portal Key Features

Visual Job Management

The endless calendar provides click to create job functionality, drill down to job information and documents all in a color coded easy view. The job manager is compatible with desktop and tablet devices so can be used on the move.

Network Rail Compliant Timesheets

Network Rail compliant timesheets and other compliant documents built into the workflow. With Document layouts based on Network Rail standard forms the timesheets are linked to the jobs and the KPI board.

Detailed Job Creation

The system provides for detailed job build up containing technical and operative information including skill levels, this is all carried through to other parts of the work flow and documentation automatically as well as reporting and KPI’s

Electronic Signatures Online and Offline

The system operates on remote devices even if they are offline e.g. in the case of tunnel work and then synchronises once in range of either Wifi or Mobile Network. Electronic documents can be signed off at the trackside enabling completed job forms to be sent out directly as the team’s sign off.

Realtime Visual KPI Board

All of the data submitted to the system can be shown as a KPI against another item for example planned job hours against actual job hours, qty of welds against non compliances to show operative failure rate. The KPI dashboard is realtime so can be on show on a large screen for an up to date overview of performance.

Electronic Documents

All of the system information required in documentation is built up and compiled in an electronic format that can be emailed directly to all the relevant stakeholders as well as produced in PDF format. Custom documents can be added to the workflow for any specific requirements.

FEATURES Portal People Logo
Color Coded Overview tick
Create & Manage Jobs From The Calendar View tick
Drill Down To Jobs & eDocuments tick
Drill Down To Statistics tick
Access From Destop & Mobile Devices tick
e-Docs | e-Signatures tick
PDF Documentation For Email & Print tick
Draw Direct On The Form To Highlight Specifics tick
Electronic Signatures tick
Legible Documents On Time tick
Realtime Updates and Compliancy tick
Layouts From Network Rail Standard Forms tick
Linked to Job and Metrics Information Input tick
Throughout the System tick
Predicted Time tick
Actual Time tick
Employee Payments tick
Fatigue Compliance Management tick
Statistical Reporting tick

What we have now is a system that is so effective that we have not lost any  documentation or missed a deadline since we went live.

There is so much more to what we could do with this system we are just scratching the surface with this.

On top of the documentation solution the business has gained so many more efficiencies as a side effect.

  • Reduced frustration and boosted moral
  • Invest more of our time into our teams
  • Engauge the teams more with the business and feel even more a part of it feeding back ideas and seeing them implemented
  • Increase teams performance levels (even if this is not directly related to the software) it is absolutely related to the time we are now able to invest back into our teams as a result of the additional efficiencies created by the software – we are now able to spend time on tasks that add real value to the business rather than servicing admin.
  • Increase teams confidence levels as a result. As you can imagine all the benefits combined have not only enabled us to produce better and better results for our clients on the track but the general feedback from the suppliers is, well it’s just amazing.

Rail Has Changed The Way We Do Business

Gary Stevens

HSEQ/Operations Manager, Inline Track Welding

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